Master Thesis (2007)
Title: Humanoid robot: Development of a simulation environment of an entertainment humanoid robot

Abstract: This dissertation was developed in collaboration with Robosavvy Ltd and boosted the creation of the Humanoid Robotics Laboratory of IDMEC-Center of Intelligent Systems, at Instituto Superior Técnico. The developments presented include: i) the software development for interfacing the Matlab Real TimeWorkshop Toolbox with the Bioloid humanoid robot servos; ii) the identification of the internal and external dynamic parameter of the humanoid servos and structure, respectively; iii) the dynamics modeling and simulation of the humanoid robot using the SimMechanics and Virtual Reality Toolbox; iv) the deduction of the equations of motion for an underactuated n-link inverted pendulum. The main objective of the Humanoid Robotics Laboratory, for the time being, is to develop a humanoid robot able to make complex motions like walking, running and jumping through real-time feedback control techniques. This dissertation presents a LQR controller for the simulation and control of the humanoid robot doing the handstand on a high bar, by considering it as an underactuated 3-link inverted pendulum.




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Jorge Martins


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Miguel Ayala Botto

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